My Family Meal Planner Light


My Family Meal Planner Light is the meal planner everyone wants. Every Meal has 500 Calories or Less!
My family and I have tried all the meals and you will not be able to tell that they are low calorie – they are just delicious!

Just like the other meal planners, it includes a full year of menus with meals planned for four days per week, all the recipes you need and weekly grocery lists.

The grocery lists are included in the book, but to make it easier for you, it also includes a preprinted magnetic grocery store notepad to put on your refrigerator. Just cross out what you already have, add any additional items that you need, and head to the store.  The grocery list notepads are also printed by the categories of a grocery store.

  • Over 65 recipes
  • One slow cooker meal every week

Each meal includes one meat, one bread and two servings of vegetables and/or fruit. Vitamin C is included daily and Vitamin A at least twice a week.

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My Family Meal Planner Light also includes:

  • Nutritional Analysis for each recipe and meal
  • Most recipes and meals meet the American Heart Association’s guidelines for a Heart Healthy recipe/meal
  • Most recipes and meals are Diabetic Friendly, which means they have less than 60 grams of Carbohydrates or less than 4 Carb Choices*

*As always, this meal planner should not take the place of your doctor’s individual plan for you if you are a diabetic.

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