group_products2My family decided in September of 2006 that we would make each other’s Christmas gifts. We drew names and I picked my oldest sister’s name. She is a mom of four children and at the time they were 2, 6, 8 and 11 years old. I was a daycare provider at the time and she would always call me asking what I was cooking for dinner. Then she would ask me what sides I was serving. That is where the idea was born. I decided I would put together a menu for her for a couple of months. After I had collected all the recipes, I decided that I would just go ahead and make a whole year worth of menus.

My sister was very busy and I knew that a slow cooker meal each week would really help her out, so I decided to make sure I included that in the menu plan. I also knew that she would go to the grocery store without a list and then would have to go back to the grocery store 4 more times that week to get all her ingredients. I knew it would really help out to make the weekly grocery lists for her. I was so excited about my meal planner that I completed it in October.

I decided to email my friends and let them know what I had done and see if any of them were interested in purchasing one. My friends forwarded it on to their friends and I sold 50 that first day. My Family Meal Planner was born! (I did have to give my sister her Christmas gift early so that she did not find out from others.)

-Lindsay Siebert